Fremantle apartments

Fremantle apartments

When you visit Etosha, you can either opt to stay in one of the comfortable lodges just outside the gates and drive in each day or rest your head at one of the rustic rest camps within the boundaries of the Park run by Namibia Wildlife Resorts.

The main roads leading from the main gates are tarred, but after that youre in gravel territory where the condition of the roads ranges from surprisingly smooth to bone-shakingly pot-holed.

This means that driving here is an experience all of its own before you even throw the jaw-dropping wildlife into the mix!

The speed limit through the Park is 60 km and its really important to observe this at all times. Only the southern rim of the Etosha Pan is open john lennon's apartment to visitors and there are no roads traversing the Pan itself, keeping the landscape pristine and serene.

Strictly speaking, you dont need a 4WD to explore Etosha. However, a high clearance vehicle with sturdy suspension is fremantle a very sensible idea, as it city stay apartment hotel improves visibility (for looking over the bushes and through the long grass) and ground clearance (for puddles and potholes!).

All of the roads fremantle apartments within Etosha are accessible by 2WD saloon car, but if quail landing apartments okc you take one of these vehicles you need to be extra vigilant in wet weather.

If you drive through too much deep water, youll risk soaking the spark plugs and the engine, and you really dont want to breakdown before a pride of lions - trust us!

If you are unlucky enough to break down or puncture a tyre, stay inside your car until help arrives.

This kind of incident is highly unlikely, but make sure you have a mobile phone and plenty of water handy - just in case!

WHEN TO VISIT ETOSHA The best time to visit Etosha for a superb safari experience fremantle apartments is from June through to fremantle apartments October. These charter woods apartments months start strathmore house apartments warm and get progressively hotter as you go through the year, and the vegetation dries out, making it easier to spot the wildlife.

Because these are the dry months in terms of rainfall, the game is concentrated more around water holes as other water sources dry up.

Come January and February, however, which are the wettest months, the wildlife is able to disperse across the Park more, as water is more abundant. Over these months, however, the Pan fills with water, attracting migratory birdlife and hundreds of flamingos.Accommodation Hotels in Etosha Park Information on Etosha Park Namibia, location of hotels, lodges, camp sites, guest houses, bed and breakfasts and places to stay in the Etosha Park fremantle apartments area of Namibia.

Distances from major attractions to Etosha Park and information about shops, fuel and facilities.

Namibia Travel Welcome to Etosha National Park one of Africa's greatest game viewing experiences Covering over 22,000 sq km Etosha National Park Namibia student apartments madrid is the fourth largest game park in Africa.9-Day Classic Namibia - Flying Safari Windhoek (City).

Etosha NP 8-Day Classic Namibia Safari Sossusvlei (Highlight) (Namib Naukluft NP). Skeleton Coast NP, Etosha NP, Windhoek (City) 18-Day Wildlife, hill park apartments Landscapes and Cultural Experience Windhoek (City).

Etosha apartments in emeryville NP, Ruacana Falls, Kunene Region, Kaokoland (Kunene Region).

Kalahari Desert 10-Day Namibian Explorer Okonjima NR (AfriCat).

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