The riviera hotel & holiday apartments

The riviera hotel & holiday apartments

Predators in Etosha All the riviera hotel & holiday apartments of the larger felines are found in Etosha, with good point north apartments numbers of lion, leopard, cheetah and caracal. The lion tend to prey mainly upon zebra and wildebeest, whilst the cheetah rely largely upon springbok.

The seldom-seen leopard, take a varied diet, including antelope and small mammals, whilst the equally elusive caracal go for similar but smaller prey.

There have been several attempts to introduce wild dog here, but so far no success. The usual problem has been that the dogs dont know to avoid lion, which have subsequently killed them for no apparent reason.

Also found in the park are both spotted and brown hyenas, together with silver jackal (or cape fox), and the more common black-backed jackal many of which can be seen in the late evening, skulking around the camps in search of scraps of food.

Birds of Etosha Some the riviera hotel & holiday apartments 340 species of birds have been recorded in Etosha, including many the riviera hotel & holiday apartments uncommon members of the hawk and vulture families. Amongst 1800 apartments the birds of prey, bateleur, martial, tawny and Wahlbergs eagles are fairly common, as are black-breasted asheville apartment and brown snake eagles.

Pale chanting goshawks are more often seen than the similar Gabar or the smaller little banded gateway crossing apartments apartments goshawk.

The list of harriers, falcons and kestrels occurring here is even longer, and worthy of a special mention are the very common rock kestrels, and the unusual red-necked and particularly cute the riviera hotel & holiday apartments pygmy falcons, which are less readily seen.

The impressive peregrine falcon and Montagus harrier are two chelsea place apartments the ethans apartments of the rarer summer migrants.

Lappet-faced and white-backed vultures are common here, outnumbering the odd pair of white-headed or hooded vultures.

Palmnut vultures are occasionally seen in the east of the park. The number of large birds stalking around the plains can strike visitors as unusual: invariably during the day you will see groups of ostriches or pairs of secretary birds.

Equally, it is easy to drive within metres of many kori bustards hayes house apartments and black korhaans, which will just sit by the roadside and watch the vehicles pass.

In the wet season, blue cranes, both beautiful and endangered, are common here: Etosha is worth visiting in January and February for them alone.

Other specialities of the park include violet wood hoopoe, white-tailed shrike, bare-cheeked and black-faced babblers, short-toed rock thrush, and a pale race of the pink-bellied lark.

History of Etosha National Park The early European explorers and apartments for rent in baltimore county traders discovered the Etosha area in the 1850s when Charles Andersson and Francis Galton visited it.

Relentless hunting of brentwood chase apartments the areas game ensued until 1907 when Dr von Lindequist, then the governor of German South West Africa proclaimed three reserves to protect the land and seasonal migrations.

These boundaries held until the 1960s when Etosha National Park was shrunk to its present size.

In recent years, there has been persistent and increasing talk of developing a herndon apartments peoples park designed to link Etosha with the Skeleton Coast. If this were the lakes apartments to come to fruition, it would cross the northwood place apartments concessions currently held by Hobatere, Etendeka and Palmwag, creating a 20km-wide corridor to allow free movement of wildlife between the two national parks.

Landscape around Etosha The defining feature of the Etosha National Park is the huge Etosha Pan, which appears to be the remnant of a large inland lake that was fed by rivers from the north and east.

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